Aluminum Mocha Espresso Coffee Makers 5 Piece Set

Aluminum Mocha Espresso Coffee Makers 5 Piece Set

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Moka Pot 

  1. ( Moka pot ) is a tool for extracting espresso coffee in Europe and Latin American countries , in the in the United States known as the " Italian drip pot . "
  2. Moka pot is a two story structure, arranged in a lower portion of a boil in water after boiling, it is equipped with a coffee powder of the mesh filter in a top half of a pot . Although not used in a hot water injection pressure can be finely ground coffee powder, but strictly speaking it 's not espresso extraction, but closerto the hourglass, but moka pot coffee still has Italy concentration , and taste of coffee Espresso.

About size

  • 1Cup (50 ml)
  • 3 Cup (150 ml)
  • 6 Cup (300 ml)
  • 9 Cup (450 ml)
  • 12 Cup (600 ml)
  • (Color: original color)
  • ​all the size is estimated, it is not accurate capacity. the capacity is the whole product.

How to use:

  • filled with water at the bottom, avoiding water that exceeds the safety valve.
  • place the ground coffee inside the funnel with a little pressure. Do not use malt or coffee with other substances, which can condense and filter openings.
  • clean screw ring, rubber ring and the funnel. any left coffee particles can deprive sealing the stem and produce landscapes.
  • keep coffee in a vertical position when screwing the two bodies. this will avoid wetting coffee.
  • remove the coffee maker from the fire as soon as you can check that the coffee infusion disappeared completely at the top.
  • upper body and the tube for which the coffee infusion is necessary to periodically clean up. to remove this rubber ring and filter. Never use soap or detergent.