Christmas Coffee Gift Ideas for Your Cherished Coffee Lovers

It happens every year. We spend hours purchasing the perfect gifts just to worry that our friends or family may like the presents we give them. Did you purchase the right color? Is the size correct? Are they going to care about the brand? Most gifts come with some form of doubt about whether you got it right or tragically failed.


These fears are not entirely unfounded, either. As reported by Capital Counselor, “$15.2 billion is the estimated total of unwanted presents” every year. This means that hundreds of thousands of people receive gifts each year that go unused and forgotten. It’s difficult to purchase the perfect present for each individual person; after all, everyone has their own tastes, preferences, and biases.


As it turns out, there is one present you can purchase almost anyone without having these worries— Coffee!  With “66% of Americans now drink coffee each day” (Cision PR Newswire) and “7 in 10 Americans drinking] coffee every week” NCA, you really can’t go wrong by giving your loved ones the gift of delicious caffeine!


Skip worrying over gifts by sticking with coffee-related presents this year! Here are our top gift ideas for those coffee lovers in your life.

The Gift of Cold Brew

In recent years, cold brew coffee has become one of the most popular selections at coffee shops. As it was large corporate coffee brands that brought cold brew to the forefront, many people are under the misconception that making this form of coffee is complex and difficult.


The opposite couldn’t be more true! In fact, making cold brew is a more hands-on process than making traditional hot drip coffee. Gift your loved ones the miracle of cold brew this holiday season by giving them a Cafe Du Chateau Cold Brew Coffee Maker!

Make Coffee Aesthetic

True coffee lovers appreciate cups, utensils, carafes, and any other accessory that makes drinking coffee a visually and sensory-pleasing experience. By gifting a Pour Over Coffee Maker in the form of a gorgeous carafe, you are sure to have a happy gift recipient! Those who make coffee at home also enjoy the following accessories to dress up their coffee nooks:

Coffee Accessories:


Some of the best gifts you can give to those who love coffee are items that help them enjoy their brew even more! Coffee mugs, condiment holders, glass iced coffee cups, glass straws, and even classic milk frothing pitchers are all great options to spice up your friend’s morning coffee.

Fascinating Coffee Flavors

Reignite your loved one’s enjoyment of coffee by gifting them new and fascinating coffee flavors for the holidays! They’ll enjoy trying something different and, who knows, they may discover a new favorite flavor they would never have purchased for themselves!


Our Kaffa Abode Death Wish Coffee in a dark roast is a fan favorite! Not only does it come with compelling packaging, but it also piques interest by promising a high dose of caffeine! For a more seasonal flavor, try sending our Bones Coffee Highland Grog in the flavor Butterscotch Caramel.

The Perfect Roast

All you need to know is their favorite coffee roast! Typically, coffee comes in four standard roast types. While some people enjoy the soft flavors of Light Roast, others love the kick that comes with a Dark Roast. A select few fall in the middle and go for Medium or even Medium-Dark Roasts.

Kaffa Abode Roasts and Selections:



Not sure what type of roast your loved one enjoys? We suggest taking your friend and family member out for coffee before the holidays and pay attention to the type of brew they order! This will give you a hint as to which type of roast you should buy them.

Your One-Stop Coffee Gift Shop

Here at Kaffa Abode, our coffee professionals are highly passionate about “All Things Coffee.” From our sustainably-sourced coffee beans to our coffee accessories, you can expect only superior products and flavors. Even while we are drinking our coffee alone at home, we are a community at heart.


Furthermore, we understand that coffee is a lifestyle, hobby, and passion for many. Join hands today with thousands of other artisan coffee lovers, and check out our Kaffa Abode selections. Through our site, you’ll find some of the world’s finest and most exotic roasts, along with coffee appliances, utensils, and kitchenware to help you choose the perfect Christmas coffee gift.