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Hi, we're The Adkins. My name is Herb Adkins. Founder and owner of Kaffa Abode.

I founded and formed the company around a simple premise, it was to bring the world’s finest coffee and coffee products from around the world to your home. We strive to provide the highest quality coffee espresso, roasted coffee and coffee beans. We work with and develop long lasting partnerships with our global partners and coffee farmers, from around the world.

I developed a passion for coffee while traveling to Kenya in 2011 on an outreach mission’s ministry trip with my wife April (pictured above). Since then, I’ve continued my personal passion of tasting and enjoying some of the world's finest coffees, whenever the opportunity presented itself.

In 2018, during a mission ministry trip, I traveled to the home of coffee, the province of Kaffa, Ethiopia. While there, my team and I had the unique opportunity to sample some of Ethiopia's finest cuisine and culture.

While traveling to the northern country side, we visited a part of Addis Ababa that took our breathe away, LITERALLY! 2800 Meters (8400) feet above sea level to visit one of Africa's hidden gems. But first we had to stop and discuss this in detail with the local law enforcement to ensure we were going the right way.

Once on our way again, we had the opportunity to experience a totally different level of coffee and coffee flavorings. My ministry team and I had partaken of what is called the, “East African Coffee Ceremony”, while visiting the Palace of the Queen of Sheba and King Menelik, in the upper hill country outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The East African Coffee Ceremony is well known around the world (often as The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony) – a ritual as old as coffee consumption itself.

This is often presented as something rare and fanciful, but behind the scenes this is something which is part of everyday life.

We as westerners may not realize the full meaning of the ceremony to its people or how much it reflects the culture that they endeavor to preserve in modern society.

We discovered everything about The East African Coffee Ceremony (including why it's more than just "The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony"), which represents cultural groups from multiple parts of Eastern Africa and spreading across country boundaries.

The history of the first place where coffee possibly originated from was in the Kingdom of Kaffa in Ethiopia, where the coffee plant originated; its name there is "bunn or bunna". A National Geographic feature tells us that the beans were first brewed in the 11th-century and were quite widespread in the Muslim community by the 13th-century.

After all my travel’s, and my desire to share my passion of coffee with the public, I wanted to start a company for importing some of the worlds finest coffees. I felt the need to name my company Kaffa Abode. This name stirs up the origin, history and foundation of coffee.

My desire for each customer is to have an experience, much like I did, of truly enjoying and savoring a wonderful blend of authentic, rich coffee.

I want you to have that passion and experience some of the world’s best coffees.


Herb Adkins     

Kaffa Abode

Founder and CEO 

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