Coffee Roasts


The flavor of coffees is strongly influenced by the skill and duration involved in the roasting process. Here is a brief outline of the different types of roasts available:

  • Light roast: Used for milder flavor, this type of coffee can taste almost like wheat or grain. The surface of the bean is light brown, with no visible oil
  • Medium roast: With a stronger flavor, this is sometimes termed “American roast,” because it is the most typical roast for supermarket coffee brands. The beans look medium brown, but still have no visible oil sheen on them
  • Medium-dark roast: Richer and darker, with a bittersweet aftertaste, these beans will have a slightly shiny look from the coffee oils.
  • Dark roast: Shiny black beans, with some bitterness but very little acid taste, these beans are used mainly for espresso.